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Fees as of 7/25/12 Fees Are Subject to Change

  General Services  
Type of Appointment
Appointment with a nurse No Charge
Appointment with a Counselor No Charge
Over-the-counter medications No Charge
Physician Appointments
Type of Appointment
Regular Exam $30.00
GYN/Extended/Ortho $37.00
Record Review $12.00
Recheck $11.00


(Subject to change)




Regular                                                             $30.00

GYN                                                                  $37.00

GYN Record Review                                      $12.00

Recheck                                                                           $11.00



Influenza                                                          $15.00

Hepatitis A                                                       $30.00/dose

Hepatitis B                                                       FREE (18 and under) $37.00/dose (19 and over)

Human Papilloma Virus                                 Special order approximately $145.00/dose

Meningitis                                                        Special order approximately $125.00/dose

MMR                                                                 FREE

Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertusis)                            FREE

Typhoid Injection                                                          $60.00/dose    


LAB TESTS (a few examples)*

Rapid Strep test                                               $15.00

Urinalysis                                                         Free

Pregnancy Test (urine)                                   $10.00

Cholesterol Panel                                           $31.00

Mono Test                                                        $ 7.00

Pap Smear                                                        $35.00

Urine culture                                                    $31.00

STI Testing                                                       $8-$34 /test

Wet Prep (to detect vaginal infection)           $5.00


*A $5 charge is added when a specimen is sent to a lab for processing


MEDICATIONS (a few examples)

Over-the-counter                                              No charge

(includes Ibuprofen, Acetminophen,

Hydrocortisone, Antibiotic Ointment,

Cough/Cold Medicine and more)

Antibiotics range in price from:                   $7-$12.00

 (includes Sulfa, Penicillin,

  Z-pack, and more)                                        

Oral Contraceptives                                        $10-15/cycle

Depo Provera Injection                                  $50.00

Plan B                                                               $20.00


PROCEDURES (a few examples)

Allergy injection                                             $10.00/injection

Dressing Change                                             $ 5.00

Ear Wax Removal                                           $ 5.00

Staple/Suture (stitches) Removal                 $ 5.00

TB Skin Test                                                    $10.00

Wart Treatment                                               $ 5.00



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