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Patient Bill of Rights

  Student's Rights and Responsibilities
Following are the student's rights and responsibilities regarding services at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Counseling and Health Center.

Consent for Treatment Form - for students under 18 (Word)
Parents should complete and sign the form and return it with the Student Health History form.

Student Rights

RESPECT: You have the right to...
  • Be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Personal privacy and to receive your care in a safe setting.
  • Not be discriminated against because of race, creed, sex, national origin, sexual orientation or disabilities.
INFORMATION: You have the right to...
  • Know the identity of the persons providing your care.
  • Receive accurate information about diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.
  • Review your medical and/or counseling records with a staff member.
  • Receive copies of your medical and/or counseling records.
  • An explanation of any charges related to the services you receive.
CONFIDENTIALITY: You have the right to...
  • Expect that your medical and/or counseling records will be maintained in a confidential manner.
PARTICIPATION: You have the right to...
  • Participate in decisions about your care, including the right to refuse a recommended treatment.
  • Include family members and your significant others in decisions about your care.
Student Responsibilities

Please help us care for you by taking the responsibility to:
  • Seek medical care promptly.
  • Be honest about your medical history.
  • Ask about anything you do not understand.
  • Respect clinic personnel and policies.
  • Follow health advice and medical instructions.
  • Report any significant changes in symptoms or failure to improve.
  • Keep appointments or cancel in advance.
  • Provide useful feedback about services and policies.
  • Pay for charges incurred.

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