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Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan

Health insurance is not required in order to use the services in the Counseling and Health Center. In fact many of the services are provided at no charge or minimal charge. However we highly recommend that all students have health insurance for any medical or counseling services that may be required beyond the services available at the Counseling and Health Center such as urgent and emergency services.

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay does offers a voluntary health insurance plan.  For detailed information about the 2013-2014 plan and enrollment go to: http://www.sas-mn.com/students.html  For information about the 2012-2013 plan (last year's plan) go to www.gallagherkoster.com/uwgb

Reimbursement From Your Insurance Company for Services Received

Contact your insurance company with any questions about coverage prior to receiving services. If you are provided chargeable services in the Counseling and Health Center we will provide you with a billing form which you can file with your insurance plan or the student insurance plan for possible reimbursement.

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