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Internship highlight of the week: Kennedy Schwartz

Hi my name is Kennedy and I am a senior in my last semester at UWGB. I am originally from Green Bay, WI. I am majoring in Psychology and Business Administration with an Emphasis in Human Resources. I chose to major in these two because I have a passion for psychology and I would like to be a corporate trainer and peer mentor after college.

I have been working at Paper Transport (trucking company) for a year and a half interning. After graduation, for now, I will stay with Paper Transport in hopes of strengthening my human resource skills and eventually I hope to find a position as a trainer (whether it be at my current company or elsewhere). Currently at Paper Transport I schedule all of the appointments for our pickup and deliveries, build all of the manual tenders, and train all the new and existing employees on the appointment system that I have helped develop and enhance. At Paper Transport, I have been able to learn several training techniques and how to work with different skill levels. I hope to continue to learn and strengthen my training skills so that I will be prepared to accept a training position after graduation.

I have taken training and development at UWGB and plan to use these skills in my position at Paper Transport to provide the best training to the employees that I can. I also have used several other HR classes (like my HR law class) at work. I have used specific concepts and methods of training at work like on-the-job training where I place the new employees on the computer so they can get hands on learning of the skills and systems right away. I also use coaching/mentoring techniques where they get one-on-one time with me to be trained on the systems at a pace that best fits their skill levels. I also use a variety of role playing for the employees. Because I am in a customer service position, it is important for the new employees to be able to handle problems with customers on their own. By using role playing, I can give them examples of problems that may come up and solutions that the employees can use.

In my recent performance review, my managers expectations of me are to continue striving with the company and learning as much about the trucking industry as possible. I have been told that if I can continue to develop my skills like I have been, I will definitely have a job with the company after graduation and can continue to grow with the company in the future. 
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