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Alexis Heim -  Environmental Science and Policy Major

What do you do for a living now?

I work for the Department of Natural Resources in Green Bay as a Wastewater Specialist. My position is the Northeast Region Septage and Landspreading Coordinator.

Do you think your time at UWGB helped you pursue this? If yes, how?

During my graduate program at UWGB, I was fortunate enough to work with Dr. Kevin Fermanich and Paul Baumgart to study agriculture practice impacts on water quality. During the course of the study, I learned about soil qualities, nutrient management, and agricultural practices in Northeast Wisconsin. Beyond the amazing education, I also gained experience networking with stakeholders and presenting research results to the scientific community and general audiences. The experience and knowledge I gained from coursework and working in the field provided me the opportunity to pursue a career with the Department. Now instead of working with nutrient management of animal waste, I work with human and industrial wastes.

What advice would you give to future Environmental Science and Policy Graduate alumni when they graduate?

There’s no magic formula to being successful after graduation. From my experience, it’s important to make your cohort your support system and make connections with your professors. Play as hard as you work and grad school will be the best years. After graduation, your friends and professors will be great connections to others in the field and keep you motivated to find the perfect career - even if it takes a year or more. Which it will, so don’t give up. Take the intermediary jobs, take the job that doesn’t pay well but gives you the experience you need, take the fun job that’s totally unrelated and keep looking for “The One”.

What was your favorite class?

The Soil Environment taught by Dr. Matt Dornbush. Not only did I learn that the smell of spring is caused by bacteria in the soil, I also met my husband in that class.

What was your most memorable moment as a student?

My most memorable scholastic moment is presenting my research project at an international conference at Purdue University. My more memorable extracurricular moment is patroning the Woods/Blitz during Double Bubble and playing a lot of darts with other students in the program.

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