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— Rights & Responsibilities

UW-Green Bay seeks to create an environment that supports student development and learning, and fosters a community that is safe and respectful. As adults, everyone is expected to be responsible for his or her own conduct, abide by all state laws, and follow University regulations and guidelines. The UW-Green Bay community has developed a set of principles, guidelines and rules with which students are required to comply for the benefit of the greater community. If there is a problem, Judicial Affairs/Dean of Students Office gives all students the opportunity to be heard. Both sides of every incident are taken into consideration so that an informed and appropriate decision can be made. Student concerns are listened to in a professional and objective manner. Students are encouraged to be engaged in the process, so they may assist in defining the outcome and develop through the process. For specific information regarding policies or procedures, please contact the Dean of Students Office. We work to provide assistance to students whenever possible.

Academic Integrity
The integrity of every grade given to each student has an impact on all students. As academic programs and future employers place more emphasis on a student’s GPA, earning a good grade becomes more important. Some students are tempted to engage in dishonest and unethical behavior to get their grades, rather than earn them. For those who choose such practices, be warned that faculty are watching and will continue to refer those students for appropriate consequences, including failing the course. For students who play by the rules, keep up the good work, and report to faculty those who may not be doing their own work. Because what a few do can hurt your grades.

Alcohol and Drugs
The University of Wisconsin- Green Bay is concerned about alcohol and other drug abuse. It views its role as primarily educational. The University provides support services and programs both for those whose drinking puts them at risk and for those who choose not to drink at all. When the use of alcohol or other drugs causes disorder, danger or damage, or involves an infraction of the la w, disciplinary action w ill be t aken. Illegal use of alcohol or drugs is subject to civil citations and disciplinary action which may include required community service, loss of University housing and/or suspension from the UW System. Students are responsible for their actions whether they are under the influence of a substance or not. Alcohol or drugs will never be the focus of any University-sponsored program or activity.

E-mail is an important method of communication at UW-Green Bay. Every student is given a University e-mail account to use. The UWGB student e-mail account is an official medium for University communication. Most important university information about registration, billing, financial aid and other important matters will be relayed to you via e-mail. Your professors may also communicate class information to you via e-mail, and information about campus events, programs of interest and federally mandated “right to know” reports will be sent to you electronically. Please check your university e-mail account regularly. Your failure to read and/or respond to official university e-mail communication does not absolve you of responsibility or consequences. Abuse of e-mail privileges such as sending unwanted messages to large groups (spamming) or sending hurtful e-mails to specific individuals is not acceptable and will be dealt with by the proper University officials. For more information, see the University e-mail policy at:
and the Student Acceptable Use Policy at:
Finally, keep in mind that e-mail is but one form of communication, and not always the best or most appropriate one. There are times that face-to-face meetings are the best way to communicate.

Protecting Yourself
The safety and security of the campus community is a priority for UW-Green Bay. Students can follow simple common sense rules to protect themselves and the campus. The first is to protect what is yours. Don’t share social security numbers, PINs, passwords or combinations with anyone. Keep track of your student ID, and never let anyone else use it for any reason. If you have a car on campus, lock valuables such as CDs or cell phones in the trunk. If you live on campus, do not allow strangers to enter your building unless accompanied by a resident of that building. A little prevention can go a long way toward keeping what belongs to you.

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