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— Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Policy (PDF)

> Background

The issue of sexual assault is a concern to all administrators, faculty, staff and students at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The institution strives for the prevention of all forms of sex-based abuse and to provide a safe, abuse-free educational environment. Coercive sexual contact undermines the safety, security and dignity of all members of the University community.

Sexual assault, especially acquaintance rape, is a particular focus of concern for this University. It is the goal of the institution to help men and women understand that they can help prevent sexual assault by respecting the values and rights of others. Through education, knowledge of the law, and an awareness of the choices available, the threat of sexual assault can be diminished on this campus.

In the absence of consent, sexual intercourse and/or sexual contact are crimes. University of Wisconsin System employees are required by Wisconsin State law [Section 36.11 (22) (2) (d)] to report to the Dean of Students all known instances of student sexual assault, though they are not required to identify the victim.

> Policy

It is the policy of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay that acts of sexual assault occurring on the campus where the victim or the perpetrator is a student will not be tolerated. These acts will be promptly investigated and may subject an individual to sanctions under UWS Chapter 17 to include dismissal from the University.

> Implementation

In an endeavor to assure that this is clearly understood, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay provides education programs to promote the awareness of rape, acquaintance rape, and other forcible and non-forcible sex offenses. These programs will be sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students, Office of Public Safety, and the Counseling and Health Center.

Campus investigation and disciplinary action in cases of alleged sexual assault involving campus students and occurring on the UW-Green Bay campus will adhere to Student Non-Academic Disciplinary Procedures as outlined in Chapter UWS 17 and UWGB 17. The accuser and the accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during a campus disciplinary appeal proceeding and shall be informed of the outcome of any campus disciplinary proceeding alleging sexual assault. Sanctions imposed following a termination of an on-campus disciplinary procedure regarding sexual assault range from disciplinary institutional probation to suspension or expulsion.

During the investigation and disciplinary process, upon the request of the victim, changes in the academic and/or living situations of those involved are possible if such changes are reasonably available.

Consistent with the above policy, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay recommends that the following actions be taken by the victim of a sexual assault for her/his well being:
    TALK TO SOMEONE. Rather than trying to erase the incident from memory, it is important that the victim talk to a friend, a Resident Assistant, someone from the campus Counseling Services, the Green Bay Sexual Assault Center, Dean of Students Office, or Public Safety. This is the first step in regaining control of oneís life.

    GET MEDICAL CARE. As soon as possible, the victim should get medical care from Health Services, a hospital, or private physician. The victim will benefit from being examined for physical injury and disease, and from a discussion of options for pregnancy prevention. In order to preserve physical evidence of the assault, do not bathe, shower, douche, or change clothes before the medical exam. Evidence of this type would be vital if the victim decides to pursue criminal charges.

    REPORT THE INCIDENT. It is the victimís decision whether to report the assault. Reports can be made to campus Public Safety, the local law enforcement agency in the jurisdiction where incident took place, the Green Bay Sexual Assault Center, the Dean of Students Office and/or the campus Counseling and Health Center. Filing an informational report does not obligate the victim to press charges. Should the victim choose to press charges later, a report will significantly increase the possibility of successful prosecution. The victim may want to talk to a Green Bay Sexual Assault Center counselor or someone in the Counseling and Health Center about reporting procedures and options. Campus staff members are available to assist victims in notifying campus or city law enforcement authorities.
A victim of sexual assault can file a confidential and/or anonymous report with the Dean of Students Office or the Counseling and Health Center. The University cannot take disciplinary action solely on this report. However, the report would provide a record of the incident which may be useful if the victim decides at a later date to pursue charges.

The Counseling and Health Center is available to assist a victim in contacting support agencies on or off campus, notifying proper law enforcement authorities including campus and/or local police, and discussing the various options open to the victim.

Revised: February 1995, February 1996, June 1998, August 2001

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