Emergency Warning

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Honors in the Major

An honor in the major is different from all-university honors. Rather than a required, cumulative grade point average, the grade point average is calculated on courses required for the major only and there is no residence requirement as with all-university honors. An honor in the major is designed to recognize student excellence within interdisciplinary and disciplinary academic programs. Honors in the major project may satisfy the requirements for summa cum laude honors as described above.

Eligibility requirements for honors in the major – Democracy and Justice Studies - are:
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.50 for all courses required for the major, as indicated on the degree audit;
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.75 for all upper-level courses required for the major, as indicated on the degree audit;
  • Successful completion of an honors in the major project (478 course number).
The honors in the major project should be planned during the junior year. The project is an in-depth analysis of a topic about which the student is deeply interested and cares passionately. Students should identify an appropriate faculty member with whom they already have a relationship and approach that faculty member with their research ideas. Students should enroll for honors study during the first semester of registration with senior standing (84 or more degree credits) to ensure adequate time to complete it by graduation. Students should consult with sponsoring faculty during the junior year to determine possible special needs for library resources, equipment, supplies or field research.

Regular semester/session add and drop deadlines apply; no P-NC grading is permitted.