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Matthew Dufek, '09

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Major / Minor: Mathematics (Statistics Emphasis)/Business Administration
Organization: SECURA Insurance
Job Title: Actuarial Analyst

Why did you choose to go into your program of study?

I always enjoyed math. At first I wanted to be a high school math teacher, but I realized after my freshmen year that I wanted to apply my mathematical skills in a business type environment like at an insurance company. A career in actuarial science seemed like the best route to take given my particular interests.

When you began at UW-Green Bay, what did you expect for your future?

I was originally hoping to be a high school math teacher where I graduated high school. I was expecting to graduate in 4-5 years and find a job upon graduation.

Did you have a job/internship in your field while going to college that helped spark your interest?

Yes, I had two. I had an actuarial internship at Northwestern Mutual the summer after my junior year. I also had an actuarial internship at Milliman the summer after my senior year (I went to college 4.5 years).

What were you involved in while a student at UW-Green Bay?

RHAA, Bridge Club, Various intramural sports, tutoring

Where are you currently employed? Please describe your position.

I work at SECURA Insurance as an actuarial analyst.

I primarily perform the following tasks:

Prepare support data and analysis for rate review process including rate indications and documentation for Personal, Specialty, Commercial, and Farm Lines.

Prepare and analyze actuarial data on a monthly and quarterly basis, then communicate key observations and trends based on the analysis.

Produce final rate change programming documents, create rate guides, and maintain historical rate information.

How do you keep in contact with other alumni?

I have made friendships with many people I went to college with and meet up with them in person on occasion. I also have contact with alumni on facebook.

What advice would you have for a student wanting to enter your field?

Pass as many actuarial exams as you can while you are in college. Also, try to look for internships because they can really help you determine if the career path is right for you. Get a degree in math, business administration, or economics.

Can we share your e-mail address on our website/can career services give it out to students inquiring about a job in your place of employment/field?


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