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Sara Oettinger, '07

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Major / Minor: Psychology/ Business Minor
Organization: Imperial Supplies
Job Title: Recruiter

Why did you choose to go into your program of study?

I wanted a program that would be broad enough, but also be a good base of knowledge. I loved to study concepts surrounding human behavior and relationships. I also was not as interested in the Accounting / Finance areas, so the Business minor was a better fit for me. I got a good overview with Accounting 101 & Corporation Finance, but I was able to focus on HR courses for my electives and Business relevant Psychology courses.

When you began at UW-Green Bay, what did you expect for your future?

I wasn't sure at first. I transferred from another UW school & definitely realized quickly that "participation" weighed much more heavily for grading than it did where I started out. The classroom sizes were much smaller at UW-Green Bay which made me feel much more comfortable participating. I also got to know my classmates better. So early on, I would say I expected to get a better education.

Did you have a job/internship in your field while going to college that helped spark your interest?

I worked full-time in the grocery business, and my first professional position was a Driver Recruiter role with Schneider National. I fell in love with Recruiting pretty quickly. I figured that people spend more time at work than they do with their children and spouses. In my opinion, there are very few Human Resources activities that are more important than finding the right people for the right positions.

What were you involved in while a student at UW-Green Bay?

With working and going to school full-time and living off campus, it was difficult to find the time to commute back to campus for activities, but I certainly wish I would have utilized my advisor and career services to try to bridge that gap and get more involved.

Where are you currently employed? Please describe your position.

I am currently a Recruiter at Imperial Supplies. While most of my time is spent sourcing, reviewing resumes, and conducting phone interviews, I also complete new hire orientation and keep in close touch with new hires throughout the onboarding process. I've also had the opportunity to work on special projects including the redesign of our Careers website, interview training for new leaders, and the design and launch of our LinkedIn company page.

How do you keep in contact with other alumni?

Primarily through LinkedIn and email. I thought I moved to the "big city" when I moved to Green Bay at age 18, but it's not that big. So, it doesn't take too much effort to keep in touch with professional contacts.

What advice would you have for a student wanting to enter your field?

It was a good transition for me to move from a large corporate setting to a mid-sized, flat organization. Often times, I think as a student you assume that the largest company you can get into will provide the most opportunity. But it's very important not to underestimate the power of "company culture" and "organizational structure" when trying to find the right fit.

Can we share your e-mail address on our website/can career services give it out to students inquiring about a job in your place of employment/field?


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