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Glen Tilot, '81

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Major / Minor: Social Work & Human Development
Organization: Brown County Human Services
Job Title: Social Worker / Volunteer Coordinator

Why did you choose to go into your program of study?

I took the Social Work Intro Class and participated in some group work that was available at the time with then Director, Richard Jansen through the Health Services / Student Counseling & Student Development Office. It helped me determine that I wanted to go into social work

When you began at UW-Green Bay, what did you expect for your future?

I was a returning adult student recovering from a serious auto accident. I knew I had to make a career change and I wasn't certain that I would be successful in college or what the future would hold for me. The longer I was in school, the more I realized that I could accomplish my goal of becoming a social worker. Since there weren't many males in the social work program, I felt pretty confident that I could find a job in the field.

Did you have a job/internship in your field while going to college that helped spark your interest?

I did my internship for social work at the Green Bay Correctional Institute. Doing an internship at a maximum security prison was an intense but valuable learning experience.

What were you involved in while a student at UW-Green Bay?

Since I was a returning adult with financial obligations, I primarily attended class and worked several nights per week as a musician in my rock band, High Flyer. It was a great way to pay the bills and still have a social life. I loved performing but knew I didn't want to make my living traveling forever that way!

Where are you currently employed? Please describe your position.

I'm employed as a Social Worker / Volunteer Coordinator for Brown County Human Services Department. I coordinate:

  • The Pals Program, a mentoring program for children who have been abused or neglected; in this capacity I recruit, screen, train, match, and case manage the volunteers who mentor the children. I also secure sponsors from the community for recreational group activities for Pals matches and waiting list children and their parent.
  • The Foster Care Supervised Visitation Program, a program where I recruit, screen, train, and assign volunteers to supervise court ordered visits of children in foster care with their natural parents.
  • The Parent Pals Program, a program where I recruit, screen, train, and assign volunteers to mentor the parents of children who have been returned after abuse and neglect. Volunteers work on daily living skills such as budgeting, meal planning/ shopping /preparation, developing family routine so children get to school every day, do their homework, go to bed at a reasonable time, etc.
  • College Interns, I am the initial contact person for all internships for Brown County Human Services and the Community Treatment Center. I do the background checks, interviews and orientations for all placements with the Department.

How do you keep in contact with other alumni?

I am active with the Career Services Office for many of their events in which alumni are needed. Also, there is a specific group of alumni from the social work program from 1980 and 1981 that gets together with our spouses and one of our former instructors, Richard Jansen at least once a year at one of our homes to socialize and play a French card game called, Milbourne!

What advice would you have for a student wanting to enter your field?

Volunteering in the field prior to seeking an internship is one of the most beneficial things a student could do both to improve their skills and to make their internship experience more meaningful. The contacts one makes while volunteering and interning are extremely helpful in securing employment upon graduation.

Can we share your e-mail address on our website/can career services give it out to students inquiring about a job in your place of employment/field?


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