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Rachael Toth, '12

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Major / Minor: Business Administration (marketing emphasis), Communication minor
Organization: Acuity Insurance
Job Title: Commercial Underwriter

Why did you choose to go into your program of study?

While I wasn't sure about what I wanted to for a career, I knew that the Business field offered many opportunities to explore numerous types of careers and business operations.

When you began at UW-Green Bay, what did you expect for your future?

I expected to attain a degree that would allow me to work at a job that was fulfilling and challenging. Along the way I met amazing individuals who motivated me and made my experience better than I could have ever expected!

Did you have a job/internship in your field while going to college that helped spark your interest?

I worked as a customer service representative as well as a shift leader at a retail operation. I was fascinated by how many different tasks and skills were required to run a successful business. Interactions with customers on a daily basis not only advanced my communication skills but also emphasized the importance of relationship building in a business setting, which I loved.

What were you involved in while a student at UW-Green Bay?

I worked almost full time while managing my studies. I also worked for the March of Dimes as a volunteer where my duties involved event planning and recruiting participants for our activities.

Where are you currently employed? Please describe your position.

Acuity Insurance, a property and casualty insurance company in Sheboygan, WI. My title is a Commercial Underwriter and I work with independent agents who are authorized to sell Acuity insurance for businesses. I determine if a risk is acceptable for Acuity and how much the business' insurance will cost.

How do you keep in contact with other alumni?

I stay informed with what is going on with other alumni through the UWGB Alums Facebook page and through the Alumni Newsletter. I also make a point to stay in contact with old classmates and professors.

What advice would you have for a student wanting to enter your field?

Don't be afraid to be yourself! People like doing business/working with people who are similar to them. During the job search, make sure to research a company's history and culture. Not only will you be prepared for an interview, you will be able to tell if the company is a good fit for you. Learn from your mistakes, which will be inevitable in a new job, and don't forget that everyone has been 'new' at some point in their career. Most importantly, find an industry that you are passionate about! Just because you don't love your first job does not mean you have to stay in that industry forever...find something you love!

Can we share your e-mail address on our website/can career services give it out to students inquiring about a job in your place of employment/field?


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