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Nutritional analysis developed by Laura Stalland and Vanessa Thyne, Nutritional Science students at UW Green Bay

View the Nutritional Information report for all of our menu items.

Meet Our Dietitian, Gail Feldkamp RDN

Gail Feldkamp provides on-campus nutritional support for students, faculty, and staff at UW Green Bay. As a registered dietitian nutritionist, Gail has the resources and knowledge to guide individuals with concerns about specialty diets, weight management, allergens, and healthy living.    

As a graduate of UWGB Dietetics program and UWGB Dietetic Internship, Gail has a vested interested in, and deep concern for the UWGB campus community.  She believes that good health and happiness are intricately intertwined, and our lifestyle choices – including the foods we eat, the activity we engage in, and the social connections we enjoy – have a huge impact on our quality of life.  Gail would love to help you make the best choices to maximize your health and happiness.

Gail has a hard time delineating between work and play, since both involve food and activity.  She likes to cook and bake, but really loves to eat!  Biking, walking, dancing, and yoga are some favorite physical activities, but anything that involves getting outdoors makes her happy.  Knowing that rest and personal relationships are also an important part of healthy living, she also spends some down-time snuggling with her pet bunny!

Connect with Gail:
To schedule an appointment or for a specific question, please e-mail Gail at  She is also available via phone at (920) 475-8014. She would love to set up a time to sit down and chat, and help you discover your personal road to health and happiness!

How to Prepare for a Dietitian Consultation

To maximize your time with our on-campus dietitian, we recommend keeping a food record prior to your appointment. We’ve develop an easy-to-follow worksheet to guide you through the process. Simply download and print the instructions and worksheets to get started!

View the Food Record Instructions.

View the Food Record Worksheet.

My Fitness Pal 

Join A’ Viands on! Check out nutritional information on your favorite menu items!

Visit OR Open MyFitnessPal app on your smartphone and sign into your account.

Scroll to the bottom of the web page. Find the MyFitnessPal Food Search Box.

Type in A’ Viands (apostrophe must be included, does not have to be capitalized) & Enter Food item in Food Search box. Click on item to view nutrition information.

Please note: You do not need a MyFitnessPal account to search food items on the MyFitnessPal website.