About Us

Mission Statement

The Disability Services Office collaborates with students, instructors and staff to ensure equal educational and programmatic access for eligible students with documented disabilities. We provide students the opportunity to reach their full potential by creating academic accommodations and support services along with promoting independence and self-advocacy. Additionally, we serve as a campus and community resources on post-secondary disability issues.

The Disability Services Office works with students (enrolled and prospective), faculty, staff and guests as a resource on disability issues and to provide academic and accessible housing accommodations to ensure students have equal access.

For students to apply for services, they must provide documentation of disability from a qualifying professional (physician, psychiatrist, or psychologist) and set up an appointment to meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services.

Individualized services for each student are based on what is needed to have equal access to the university without altering the essential functions of the class/program. Accommodations could include but are not limited to: more time to take an exam; class notetaker; accessible text books; sign language interpreters; captioning of videos; use of adaptive/assistive technology.

Students with temporary impairments (conditions resulting from an accident or short term illnesses) should contact the Dean of Students Office at 920-465-2152 to help you advocate to your professors and assist you with finding campus and community resources.

Services from our office are free of charge to the students.