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Democracy & Justice Studies

Major Requirements

Justice. Freedom. Equality. Democracy. If you’re passionate about the ideals of what it means to live in a democratic society... If you’re fervent about justice and fairness... If you believe intensely that the freedoms afforded you are the rights of all American citizens DJS is the major for you... Democracy and Justice Studies explores diverse ideals and practices of democracy and justice in the United States and the world through interdisciplinary social and historical learning. Democracy and Justice Studies students look at how peoples past and present have sought in various ways to sustain and change political, economic, cultural, and social orders. We ask why and how societies develop and whether their political, economic, cultural and social relations and activities promote justice, freedom, equality, and democracy. Through problem focused thinking, we enable students to become engaged citizens and professionals.

Democracy and Justice Studies students should begin with the interdisciplinary and team-taught course DJS 101 Introduction to DJS. This exciting course adopts UWGB’s problem-focused, interdisciplinary mission to analyze multiple and competing perspectives on democracy and justice. Additional core courses provide theoretical perspectives, build on questions introduced in DJS 101, and continue to apply them to both the United States and the world. Students also are expected to engage in their own original research around questions of democracy and justice.

Democracy and Justice Studies students select from one of five emphases options. When selecting an emphasis students are encouraged to consult with the DJS advisor and to examine their own career goals. Each emphasis has its own supporting and upper level courses.

  • American Studies addresses social problems, public issues, social ideas and strategies for change with respect to contemporary American society.
  • International Studies focuses on issues of development, inequality and social justice.
  • Law and Justice Studies examines law and legal systems, both in the United States and around the world, and their relationship to justice and democracy.
  • Women’s and Gender Studies explores historical and contemporary perspectives on women and gender in the U.S. and internationally.
  • Students with defined interests may create their own 12 credit individual emphasis in consultation with the DJS advisor.

Useful and applied skills are important for active citizenship and successful employment. DJS majors select one of five skill subject sets: social research skills; foreign language skills; media production skills; communication skills; or a 6 credit skill set individually developed in consultation with the DJS advisor. Our courses also stress verbal and written communication, the paramount skills you will need for employment and active civic engagement.