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Democracy & Justice Studies

Yunsun Huh

Yunsun Huh
Assistant Professor
MAC A318
(920) 465-2979/465-2355

Yunsun Huh received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Utah in 2011.  She teaches Principle of Microeconomics, Economic History of Thought, and a variety of courses in the Economics minor. She is interested in how socioeconomic and institutional background affects human capability and gender inequality in our society . Her specialty includes the areas of Immigration, Economics of Gender, Labor Economics, Econometrics, and Applied Microeconomics. In addition she is conducting research related to Economic History, Demography and Health Economics utilizing large data sets, the Utah Population data base and nation-wide survey data of Korea. Her recent publication is “The effect of home country gender status on the labor market success of immigrants in the U.S.”, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities. She like to play tennis, skiing, hiking and Zumba dance. Basically, she likes most outdoor activities and music, including both symphony and pop concerts.