Mathew E. Dornbush
Ph.D. Iowa State University 2005

Mail:  Office of the Provost
2420 Nicolet Drive
           University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
           Green Bay, WI 54311-7001

Office:  Cofrin Library 835
(920) 465-2454
  (920) 465-2430

My research focuses on understanding the mechanisms by which plant communities arise and subsequently affect ecosystem processes.  This makes the investigation of exotic plant invasion a central component of my research.  Accordingly, I am also very interested in understanding the ecological basis for, and subsequent effects of, restoring native plant communities.  Within this broad area, I am particularly interested in belowground ecology, and I try to bring a systems-based perspective to my research questions.  I have also put considerable effort into providing international-educational experiences for both graduate and undergraduate students. I remain an active member of our interdisciplinary M.S. program in Environmental Science & Policy.

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