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Disability Services

Document Conversion

The Disability Services Office (DSO) will provide print materials in alternative formats for students who have a documented disability that verifies the need for such academic adjustment. Alternative formats include but are not limited to e-text, audio, large print or Braille. Most textbooks are converted into a digitized and/or Daisy format depending on the student needs and uploaded to the GB Share for access. DSO will try to honor the student preferred format to the best of our ability.

Students must provide a copy of their class schedule to the DSO at least 6 weeks prior to needing the materials. Due to the nature of obtaining and converting print materials, this window of time is essential in assuring materials will be ready for the beginning of the semester. All students needing this accommodation also have priority registration for their courses, assuring the possibility for a timely request for materials for the next semester.

Students who use Document Conversion must abide by the following:

  • Because textbooks are copyrighted materials, copyright laws require a student to own a physical copy of the textbook being requested in an alternative format. Proof of book purchase will need to be provided before access will be granted by showing the physical copy of the text book or providing a receipt.
  • The student is not permitted to copy the file or distribute to others.
  • The digital file is not to be modified in any way.