Tactical Training: April 7, 2001

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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The Training Site

Classroom Instruction

Tactical Exercise

The objective: occupy the hill
The planning
Squads form up
SSG Kumar briefs his patrol
Advance scouts sweep the perimeter
Point man guards the far side 
Squad leaders are briefed on the plan
First squad moves out
Second squad moves up
First squad spreads out on the far side
Second squad moves in
Second squad occupies the second leg of the triangle
Third squad moves in
Trird squad occupies the final leg of the triangle
Objective secured
Coming back in
SSG Kumar holds a short after-action review

Do It Again

This time they have an audience, LTC George Tankersley and MAJ Cindy Ernst
Not quite how it's done. Even allowing for the cramped space, they're too bunched up and not watching the perimeter.
That's more like it: spread out in a zig-zag pattern and watching their flanks
First squad deploys to the far side
Second squad occupies the second side of the triangle, third squad has moved up.
Third squad deploys

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