432d Civil Affairs Battalion, May 5-7, 2000

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Primary Marksmanship Instruction

00may17h.jpg (104472 bytes) Drill sergeants from the 84th Training Division conduct marksmanship instruction for the unit.
00may21h.jpg (78965 bytes) "Next to please inserting Tab C in slot D while all same time holding Part X .... Where does this thing go again?
00may23h.jpg (108121 bytes) Sighting in. The drill sergeant is adjusting a miniature target until the marksman agrees it's properly sighted.
00may25h.jpg (110306 bytes) Aiming by committee. The instructor is viewing through the sights using a small beam-splitter prism to verify that the marksman has an accurate sight picture.
00may27h.jpg (110907 bytes) An oldie but goodie. If SPC Malueg can pull the trigger without causing the washer to fall, she's doing it right.
00may29h.jpg (98895 bytes) How consistent is your sighting? This test shows. The marksmen sight through the weapons and guide assistants in placing a target.
00may30h.jpg (101429 bytes) The assistants move the targets. When the marksmen say they have an accurate sight,   the assistants mark the target position. Ideally, all target positions should fall within a one-centimeter circle.

What It's Like Downrange

Sgt Vijay Kumar (left) and CPT Chris Dantoin (right) brief the unit on their experiences in Kosovo.

00may33h.jpg (61192 bytes)

"If There's A Line, Stand In It"

00may35h.jpg (71018 bytes) "This will hurt you way more than it will hurt me."
00may36h.jpg (57908 bytes) 00may37h.jpg (66956 bytes)

At Least A Shot Only Hurts For A Moment

00may38h.jpg (47285 bytes) But the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT) takes four hours.

Well Done

SFC David Luwkoski Gets the Army Commendation medal for his work in Kosovo. Presenting the award is commander LTC George Tankersley, and behind him is CSM Bob Haglund.

SGT Melissa Widi gets the Army Achievement Medal for her role in MRE2A in Germany in March

Change of Command

Headquarters Detachment gets a new commander. Holding the guidon is Detachment Sergeant SFC Rhonda Dumarce.
Outgoing detachment commander MAJ Steve Lyons hands the guidon to battalion commander LTC George Tankersley
LTC Tankersley hands the guidon to SFC Dumarce, who presents it to the new commander, MAJ Dennis Miller
LTC Tankersley congratulates the new commander.

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