February 04: Lemaire Channel: Hall of the Mountain Kings

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Left and below: arriving for the day. The picture below shows the Hero heading south after dropping us off.
Left: Intrusive breccia

Below: Gentoo penguins

Left and below: I spent all of two hours on the mainland of Antarctica (the rest was on islands). The mainland rocks were volcaniclastic sediments with fabulous graded bedding and load casts.
Below: I had no idea glaciers could be so small. This vest-pocket glacier flows less than a mile from a perfectly formed cirque to the channel.
Left and below: LeMaire Channel by Zodiac
Below: in the afternoon tantalizing patches of sun lit up the interior, but never got to us.
Left and below: General views of the Channel
Our ride was late. Visitors are rare in the Antarctic and call for a celebration when they drop by, so naturally it took the Hero longer to get back from the Argentine base than they expected. On the other hand, transportation is even rarer, so we didn't complain.
Views on the way home.

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