May 20-23, 1996

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Vlasenica, May 20, 1996

Erasing the Past

Early on, I noticed some old masonry in this square but didn't think enough about it. I finally realized that was the site of the old mosque (500 years old, I was told) in Vlasenica. Next time I passed by, it was sanitized completely.

Marshal Scott and the Showdown in V-town

Well, they really weren't bad guys. We just weren't sure their guard was allowed to be armed (it turned out he was OK). But it was tenser than usual for a while.

Once in a Great While, There is Justice

I suppose it's wrong to rejoice in another's misfortune, but I genuinely rejoiced when this slimeball was taken out. This is the notorious warlord Arkan, posing here as an old-time Serbian warrior.

The shop owner (in Milici) where I took this picture objected. Normally I honor people's wishes in cases like this, but here my attitude was "Screw you. I have an M-16, 180 rounds, and a lot of friends just like me, and I didn't make this war criminal a national hero - you did." The legend here says Party of Serbian Unity

Kladanj Turns Green

Mine Awareness Classes

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