June 1-5, 1996

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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BG Cherrie

BG Cherrie, close to retirement, drops in as we were about to go on patrol into Kladanj. His ambition: to meet every single soldier in Bosnia. That's CPT George Hadrick of our team on the right. Two officers I'd follow in a heartbeat.

The Mosque in Kladanj

We were deeply honored by being shown the mosque. The man in the beret is the Imam of Kladanj.

To protect worshipers during the war, a floor had been built separating the mosque from the dome. It was impossible to get a wide-angle view, but these shots suggest the delicate pastel decorations.

Farewell, Sekovici

Corn, beans to twine around the cornstalks, and squash to hug the ground. The Iroquois did it this way 500 years ago.

And here he is, leading the dregs of Balkan society, the one, the only, the inimitable, the - better late than never - deceased, Arkan. That's him in the center. To the right of the flag, the poster reads "Party of Serbian Unity." Beneath the crest is "Serbian Volunteer Guard." At the bottom of the poster it says "Serbia Calls."

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