January 11: Monte Verde and the Continental Divide

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Left: forming up for the hike.

Below: Waterfall at the lodge
Gotta have rocks. Porphyritic andesite, in this case.
The brilliant red iron oxide film was eye catching.

The Continental Divide

The saddle here is the continental divide. On this side water flows to the Pacific. On the other side it flows to the Atlantic.
The steps run along the divide.
Views toward the Atlantic side.
Looking toward the Pacific.

Monkey Business

When we got back, a troop of primates was cavorting and making a racket.

No, not these primates...

Howler monkeys. The dark patch in the center is one hiding in the trees. They make the typical Hollywood monkey noise.
Yo, you lookin' at me? I said, you lookin' at me?


Not to be outdone, a coati was hanging around.

White Knuckle Road, Revisited

The Tarcoles Mall

Farewell Dinner

We went out with some of the park staff for a farewell dinner.
Left, from front to rear: Danielle Van Beckum, Sarah Olsen, Jesse Berger, Bridget Engebose.

Right, from front to rear: Jaime Kozloski, Greg Sheier, Kelly Stephanie, Lindsey Provenzano, Teresa Arnold, Sarah Glaeser.

From left: Kelly Stephanie, Greg Sheier, Jaime Kozloski, Kelly Hirsch, Shawn Dutch

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