Fall 1997

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TR Sep. 2- 4 Introduction to the course Ch. 1
TRSep. 9-11 Minerals Ch. 2
TRSep. 16-18 Igneous Rocks and Volcanoes Ch. 3-4
TRSep. 23-25 Weathering and Erosion Ch. 5, 14, 16
TRSep. 30-Oct. 2 Evolution of Landscapes Ch. 15
MIDTERM I 8:00-9:15 AM, Oct. 7, Tuesday
TR Oct. 7- 9 Sedimentary Rocks Ch. 6
TROct. 14-16 Evolution, Fossils, Geologic Time Ch. 8
TR Oct. 21-23 Glaciers Ch. 17
RT Oct. 28-30 Wind and Wave Erosion Ch. 18, 19, 11
TR Nov. 4-6 Metamorphism and Deformation Ch. 7, 13
TR Nov. 4-11 Earthquakes and Earth's InteriorCh. 9, 10
MIDTERM II 8:00-9:15 AM, Nov. 18, Thursday
TR Nov. 18-25 Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics Ch. 12, 11
R Nov. 27 Thanksgiving
TR Dec. 2-4 Resources from the Earth Ch. 21
TR Dec. 9-11 Geology of other Worlds Ch. 20

Dec. 16, Tuesday FINAL EXAM 8:00-10:00 AM in LS 231


(Zero field trip points for unexcused absence from field trip)

300 Points Total

A = 270+, B = 255+, B = 240+, BC = 225+, C = 210+, D = 180+

Exams are multiple choice, 1 pt. per question.

Field trip will be held Saturday, October 18 (A-M) or October 25 (N-Z)

TEXT: Monroe and Wicander, PHYSICAL GEOLOGY Lab Manual: American Geological Institute, Physical Geology.


Two copies of my exam test bank are on reserve in the Library. They may be checked out at the third floor main desk. The test bank is also available on line. These questions are provided as a convenience to students who want to know what sorts of questions I ask. Please note:


Because of the large enrollment in this course and Earth Science, 296-102, it is necessary to run the field trip twice. Try to make the assigned date. I will arrange swaps for people with legitimate work or other conflicts. Once those needs are accomodated, I will permit swaps on a space-available basis for other reasons. Generally, there is no problem accomodating a reasonable number of swaps.

It is unfortunately necessary to verify reasons for missing the field trip. Students who miss the trip will be given a form to fill out.
Verification consists of:

Missing the trip because of showing up at the wrong time or place: No Credit or makeup. It is your responsibility to put this event on your calendar.

Field trips leave from the Green Parking lot at 8:00 on the scheduled date and return about 4:00 P.M.

General Field Trip Guidelines

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