Env Sci/Physics 141: Mars

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences,University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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  1. The "canals" on Mars are now regarded as:
    1. Chains of Craters
    2. Imaginary
    3. Tectonic cracks in the crust
    4. Streaks of windblown debris
  2. Mars is earthlike in many ways. In which ways is Mars earthlike? More than one answer is correct.
    1. Length of day
    2. Composition of atmosphere
    3. Surface temperature
    4. Presence of ice caps
    5. Seasonal changes on the surface
    6. Presence of liquid water
    7. Tilt of Axis
  3. This biologist was a harsh and accurate critic of the idea of canals on Mars:
    1. Charles Darwin
    2. Alfred Russell Wallace
    3. Carl Linnaeus
    4. Jean Lamarcke
    5. Charles Lyell
  4. Which are examples of liquid water on Mars? More than one answer may be correct
    1. Periodic brief but large ancient floods
    2. Small ponds and streams spotted by recent space missions
    3. Subsurface liquid water found by the Viking lander
    4. Possible evidence for water-deposited rocks early in Mars' history
  5. Mars' atmosphere is mostly:
    1. Oxygen
    2. Nitrogen
    3. Carbon Dioxide
    4. Methane
    5. Ammonia
  6. Believed that Mars was covered by a network of intelligently-designed canals
    1. H. G. Wells
    2. Edgar Rice Burroughs
    3. Giovanni Schiaparelli
    4. Percival Lowell
  7. The results of the Viking search for life are generally interpreted as due to:
    1. terrestrial microorganisms carried on the lander.
    2. definite signs of Martian life.
    3. errors in the instrumental readings.
    4. chemical reactions with the Martian soil
  8. The polar caps of Mars are probably water ice and frozen
    1. methane
    2. ammonia
    3. nitrogen
    4. carbon dioxide
  9. The red color of Mars is probably due to
    1. sulfur
    2. faint sunlight
    3. iron oxide
    4. the Earth's shadow
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