Life and Intelligence in the Universe

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One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue

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Linneaus Lamarck Darwin Wallace Mendel

What does the term "random" mean in scientific contexts?

Molecule that carries genetic information in most organisms

Why was John Scopes put on trial for teaching evolution?

What happened to him?

The term "fundamentalist" was devised to describe:

What's a "fugue?"

The Geologic Column, the standard names and orders of geologic periods, was established in its modern form:

One opponent of evolution reverted to Lamarck's ideas and used his political connections to persecute his opponents. This happened in:

Encyclopedia Galactica

Sagan uses the translation of this as a model for how we might someday communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations:

The fact that bureaucracies tend to use predictable formats for documents aided in deciphering this ancient writing:

The man who did much to destroy these writings also left clues that aided in their decipherment:

This writing was almost easy to decode because it included a translation in Greek:

Inscribed stone that led to the decipherment of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics

"Hostile alien" science-fiction films went out of fashion for a time at about the same time as this TV program type, and for many of the same reasons:

This science-fiction film explored the notion that aliens might be so advanced as to be incomprehensible, and also pioneered the use of ultra-realistic special effects:

A radical departure from previous science fiction in that it depicted enlightened humans interacting as equals with alien races:

A "Close Encounter of the First Kind" involves what?

A "Close Encounter of the Second Kind" involves what?

A "Close Encounter of the Third Kind" involves what?

The Drake Equation estimates what?

Which are terms in the Drake Equation?

Which term in the Drake Equation can we estimate with the most confidence?

Which is the first term in the Drake Equation we can't estimate with at least some confidence?

What is most likely true about the center of the galaxy?

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