Neillsville Mounds

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Secs. 3-5, T24N R2W, 3 miles northwest of Neillsville, Clark County.

The Neillsville Mounds rise conspicuously above a flat landscape and can be seen for a long distance. Unlike most of the mounds in central Wisconsin, these are surrounded by Pleistocene deposits. The hills owe their relief to cementing by quartz, creating very indurated rocks. Erratics have been found on the north slopes of the mounds but sandstone pinnacles on the summits suggest the tops were not overridden by ice. It has been widely proposed that the mounds were nunataks rising above the thin edge of the ice.

Distant view from the southwest
Approaching from the south along Marg Road.

The views below show the mounds from the south.

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