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Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Hemisphere Maps (1200 m/pixel)

00NS, 000 and 180 EW
00NS, 090E and 090W
North and South Pole

Small Scale Maps (1000 m/pixel)

90N 000EW Borealis Planitia (H-1): North Pole

40N 000EW Victoria (H-2), Hokusai (H-5)
40N 090E Victoria (H-2), Shakespeare (H-3)
40N 180EW Shakespeare (H-3), Raditlai (H-4): Caloris Basin
40N 090W Victoria (H-2), Shakespeare (H-3)

00NS 000EW Kuiper (H-6), Derain (H-10)W
00NS 090E Derain (H-10), Eminescu (H-9)
00NS 180EW Tolstoj (H-8)
00NS 090W Kuiper (H-6), Beethoven (H-7)

40S 000EW Discovery (H-11), Debussy (H-14): Caloris Antipodal Terrain
40S 090E Neruda (H-13), Debussy (H-14)
40S 180EW Michelangelo (H-12), Neruda (H-13)
40S 090W Discovery (H-11), Michelangelo (H-12)

90S 000EW Bach (H-15): South Pole

Notes and References

The maps in this collection do not coincide exactly with the quadrangles defined for Mercury, especially along the equator, where quadrangles are 72 degrees wide. Maps here are defined by their centers.

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