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Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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NASA released data briefly and then withdrew it. NASA and the IAU finally got over their poo-flinging contest over coordinate systems and there is now topographic data for Vesta. This map was generated from an equirectangular GeoTiff image, then corrected for the ellipsoidal figure of Vesta. The lowest elevation is about 22 km below the mean radius and highest is 19 km above.

Hemisphere Maps (1100 m/pixel)

00NS, 000 and 180 EW
00NS, 090E and 090W
North and South Pole

Large Scale Maps (700 m/pixel)

90N 000EW North Pole
00N 000EW Marcia and the "Snowman"
00N 090E Feralia Planitia
00N 180EW Varonilla and Divalia Fossae
00N 090W Caesonia and northern Veneneia
90S 000EW South Pole

Small Scale Maps (550 m/pixel)

90N 000EW North Pole, Albana

50N 000EW Postumia, Domitia
50N 090E Mamilia, Floronia
50N 180EW Varonilla, Bellicia
50N 090W Pomponia, Caesonia, Caparronia

00NS 000EW Marcia, Numisia
00NS 090E Oppia
00NS 180EW Divalia Fossae, Gegania
00NS 090W Lucaria Tholus

50S 000EW Tuccia
50S 090E Metrodora, Urbinia
50S 180EW Tarpeia, Pinaria
50S 090W Helena, Fonteia, Sextilia

90S 000EW South Pole, Veneneia, Rheasilvia

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