Cordoba, Spain

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Andalusian Countryside

Views between Granada and Cordoba

City Walls


Minaret and Courtyard

Left: Entrance to the courtyard.

Walls of the Mosque

Inside the Great Mosque

This is one of those things you've seen in books all your life and then...there it is.

Continuing its long tradition of benighted ignorance, the Catholic Church in Spain refuses to allow Muslims to pray here.

The Cathedral

Charles V ordered the construction of a cathedral within the mosque, a move that may have saved it from destruction by the Inquisition. Supposedly, he was unimpressed with the result, saying "You have taken something extraordinary and turned it into something ordinary."

I think it looks pretty nice, and the mosque is so vast that the cathedral is invisible from much of it.
Left and below: Where the cathedral ends and the mosque begins.
Street scence newr the mosque
Left and below: Old mill and reconstructed water wheel on the riverbank.

The Jewish Quarter


Street Scenes in Cordoba

Below: distant scenes of Cordoba.

Below right: the mosque and cathedral.
Left: old watch tower

Below: between Cordoba and Ubeda.

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