Corfu, Greece

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Old Town Corfu is pretty enough but hardly material for a World Heritage site. Mostly it has that status because its architecture is much more Venetian than Greek.
This plaque commemorates the massacre of Italian troops of the Acqui Division by the German Army in 1943. After Italy surrendered and joined the Allies, Italian troops on the Ionian islands refused to surrender. 5,000 Italian troops on the island of Kephalonia were massacred. Italian troops on Corfu surrendered, but most of the officers were shot. Many Italian survivors were sheltered by the Greek Resistance who had been fighting them only a short time earlier.
The Palaia Anaktora (Old Palaces), now museums and, frankly, a bit run down.

The Fortifications

Left and below: Entrance to the fortifications
Left and below: Not a Greek temple but an Episcopal Church
The New Citadel

Views From The Fortifications

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