Mission San Miguel Archangel, California

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Interior Views

Below: Mission San Miguel has perhaps the most exquisite original interior art of any mission.


Artifacts and Furnishings

Roof tiles, made in a mold

Tree trunk with a cross in the wood grain

Homemade pigments

Metal artifacts, including several swords.

Left cabinet. Numerous nails on the middle shelf, clothes irons, axe heads and shovels on the bottom shelf.

Spurs on the top shelf, locks and keys on the middle shelf, swords below.

Loom and Spinning Wheel.

The Mission Compound

A bell tower is the most conspicuous remnant of the mission compound.

Above: the wall is partly ruined.

Below: the wall with the Coast Ranges beyond it.

Below: Ornamental Cacti and Agaves.

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