Mission Soledad, California

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Soledad means "solitude" in Spanish, and even today it's in a very out of the way place.
The mission had crumbled into ruins by the time restoration started in 1955. Here is a photo from around 1900.
Parts of the mission are gone forever.

Interior Views

Left and below: Stations of the Cross
Left and below: Crucifix with prayers for healing. The icons represent the ailments to be healed.
Below: Holy Water Font

Artifacts and Furnishings


The Salinas Valley

Looking across the valley to the west. The slope break at the foot of the alluvial fans is a scarp of the Reliz Fault Zone, which, together with the longer Rinconada Fault Zone, define the western edge of the Salinas Valley.

Archaeologists at Work

Indiana Jones, these days, is likely to work for a private company doing preservation, salvage archaeology, and so on. Hat is okay, whip intimidates the customers too much.
Old Millstone

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