Segovia, Spain

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Segovia's skyline is dominated by its cathedral.
City walls
Scenes in Segovia
Segovia is not really Catalonia but the Bank of Catalonia has signs in Catalan.
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Energy is expensive in Europe. Having to use your key card to turn on the lights keeps you from leaving them on when you leave.

The Alcazar


The Alcazar. Seriously, some of these places must have been built by people who just thought they looked cool.

The Aqueduct

Segovia's glorious Roman aqueduct is a prime reason for it being a World Heritage Site
Night views.
The aqueduct bends as it enters the valley.
Left: A long stair case leads to the top of the aqueduct.

Below: Views along the aqueduct from the top.
Above: Ever wonder where the water went from an aqueduct? Views of the outlet. Below: the water poured down this flume into a cistern.

The Countryside

No wonder the Spanish took so readily to the American West. The scenery in Spain is uncannily similar (which is why all those spaghetti Westerns were filmed in Spain).

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