296-492 Crustal Materials      Spring 2001

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Instructor: Steve Dutch
Office: LS 116, Phone: 465-2246
e-mail:    dutchs@uwgb.edu
Home Page:    http://www.uwgb.edu/dutchs

Text: Klein & Hurlbut, Manual of Mineralogy    Access Class Notes

Week Lecture Topic Lab Topic Reading
Jan. 17-19 What the Earth is Made of No Lab 1
Jan. 22-26 Introduction to Minerals The Petrographic Microscope 5,6
Jan. 29-Feb. 2 Crystallography Crystal Models 2,3
Feb. 5-9 Crystallography Crystal Models 4,7
Feb. 12-16 Exam I   Monday  Feb. 12
Crystals and Light
Polarized Light 8
Feb. 19-23 Rock-forming Minerals Pyroxenes, Amphiboles, Micas 10-11
Feb. 26- Mar. 2 Rock-forming Minerals
Quartz, Feldspars 12-13
Mar. 5-9 Sedimentary Rocks
Exam II  Friday March 9
Carbonates, Sedimentary Rocks 14
Mar. 10-18 Spring Break   9
Mar. 19-23 Igneous Rocks Major Igneous Minerals 14
Mar. 26-30 Igneous Rocks Igneous Rocks 14
April 2-6 Phase Diagrams Igneous Rocks 14
Apr. 9-13 Metamorphic Rocks
Exam III  Monday April 9
Major Metamorphic Minerals
Apr. 16-20 Metamorphic Rocks Metamorphic Rocks 14
Apr. 23-27 Metamorphic Phase Diagrams Metamorphic Rocks
Apr. 30-May 4 Review  
May 7 Review Lab Final

Final, Friday,  May 11, 1:00-3:00 PM.

Grading:     Exams I - II 15% Each
                  Lab Final 20%
                  Final 25%
                  Notes 10%

General Requirement for all upper-division lab courses:

Something you haven't seen since second grade - a pencil box, or something equivalent. In it you will need:

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