Construct a Kalsbeek Net

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Construct a circle of the desired diameter and draw concentric circles within it to subdivide it into ten rings of equal width.

If R is the radius of the net, the radius of the nth ring from the center is rn = nR/10.

Also divide the figure into 60-degree sectors as shown.
For the highest possible accuracy, divide the nth ring in each sector into n equal arcs. The angles a will be given by  an = 60i/n, where i ranges from 1 to 6n. The second ring out is divided at 30 degree intervals (60/2), the third at 20 degree intervals (60/3), and so on.

However, a tolerably good construction is to bisect each sector (light blue lines). From each even numbered ring construct lines parallel to the sector boundaries (red lines).
Construct the short diagonals of each box.

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