Colorado Plateau Stratigraphy

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Period Zion NP Grand Canyon NP Canyonlands NP Arches NP
Cretaceous       Mancos Shale
Dakota Sandstone     Dakota Sandstone

Morrison Formation

    Summerville Formation Curtis Formation

Entrada Sandstone

Carmel Formation   Carmel Formation Carmel Formation
Temple Cap Formation Page Sandstone
Navajo Sandstone   Navajo Sandstone
Kayenta Formation   Kayenta Formation
Moenave Formation   Wingate Sandstone
Triassic Chinle Formation
Moenkopi Formation

Kaibab Limestone

Black Box Dolomite  

Toroweap Limestone

Cutler Group Cutler Formation
  Coconino Sandstone
  Hermit Shale
Pennsylvanian   Supai Group

Honaker Trail Formation


Paradox Formation

  Pinkerton Trail Formation  
Mississippian   Surprise Canyon Formation    
  Redwall Limestone    
Devonian   Temple Butte Formation    


Cambrian   Muav Limestone    
    Bright Angel Shale    
    Tapeats Sandstone    
Mid-Late Proterozoic   Grand Canyon Supergroup    
Early Proterozoic   Crystalline Basement    


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