Mount Adams, Washington

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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It doesn't loom on the skyline of a major city like Mount Rainier or Mount Hood. It didn't make the headlines like Mount Saint Helens. But Mount Adams is a spectacular peak, the most perfect cone in the Cascades. Above: views on the way to Mount Saint Helens.
Below: views from Larch Mountain. Mount Adams (12276 ft; 3742 m) deserves way more respect than it gets. It's the fourth highest peak in the Cascades (after Rainier and Shasta, and is just barely beaten by Shasta's satellite peak, Shastina)
Left and below: views from a most fortunate flight. Mount Rainier is visible in the distance.
Even at this distance, Mount Rainier appears to loom over Mount Adams.

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