362-190 Emergence of Western Technology

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
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Course Outline

Shown here are links to the course outline, Power Point slides, and supplemental text. Note: Power Point slides with copyrighted materials (cartoons, etc.) are shown in text-only format.

Topic Outline Power Point Slides Text Supplement
Understanding Science, Technology and their History About the Course
Values of Scientists and Technologists
Pitfalls in the History of Science and Technology
Pitfalls in the History of Science and Technology
Ancient Technology to 1000 A.D Legacy of the Ancient World
Highlights of Ancient Technology
After the Fall of Rome
Pre-Roman Technology
Rome and After
Islam and Technology Islam
Views of the Islamic World
End of the Islamic Golden Age
About Islam
East meets West I - the Crusades and Mongol conquests The Crusades
The Mongols
The Crusades
The Mongol Invasions
The Middle Ages The Middle Ages
Medieval Technology

The 14th Century
Medieval Roots of Science
The Disastrous 14th Century
Information Revolutions: Perspective and Printing Press Perspective
Language, Communication and Writing
Writing and Printing
Copernicus, Galileo and Newton Copernicus  
East Meets West II: The Age of Exploration Exploration Shape of the World: The First Great High-Tech Superpower Rivalry
Credit Where It's Due: The Industrial Revolution Credit Where It's Due
The Technological Spiral
Evolution and the Notion of Progress Evolution Historical Background of Evolution
Aftermath of Evolution
The Technology of War From Swords to Guns
Military Values

Military Technology
Military Technology-Selected Themes
The First Modern War and the Last Ancient War
Birth of the Modern World Making the Modern World The Conquest of Time
The Conquest of Distance
Social Impacts of Becoming Modern
Statistics: How we Became Numbers (What the Doctor Ordered) What the Doctor Ordered  
Why Us? What Accounts for the Success of the West? Why the West?  

Additional Topics of Interest

The following topics are explored from time to time but are not part of the current offering

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