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General Information

I'm retired so unless I teach a course ad-hoc, no schedule will be posted.

Course Information (Most Recent Syllabi)

Earth SC-102 Introduction to Earth Science Syllabus    Notes Exam Question Bank
Earth SC-202 Physical Geology Syllabus    Notes Exam Question Bank
Env SC-102 Introduction to Environmental Science Syllabus Notes  
Env SC/Physics-141 Astronomy
Syllabus Notes Exam Question Bank
Env SC-142 Exploration of the Universe
Syllabus    Notes Exam Question Bank
Env SC-342 Environmental Geology Syllabus Notes  
Env SC-370 Emergence of Western Technology
Syllabus    Notes Exam Question Bank
Env SC-421 Soils and Geology of Wisconsin Field Trip Baraboo Range: Fall 2005
Northern Wisconsin and the UP: Spring 2006
Northeast Wisconsin: Fall 2006
Northwest Wisconsin and northern Minnesota: Spring 2007
Western Wisconsin: Fall 2007
Baraboo Interval Rhyolite and Quartzite: Spring 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin, Fall 2008
Iron Country and Pictured Rocks: Spring 2009
The Mississippi, Fall 2009
Michigan Copper Country, Spring 2010
Baraboo Range, Spring 2011
Penokean Orogen Transect, Fall 2011
Iron Country and Pictured Rocks: Spring 2012
Keeweenawan Rift and Northern Wisconsin: Fall 2012
Env SC-454: Remote Sensing and GIS Syllabus    
Env SC-499 Travel Course Costa Rica 2008    
Earth SC-340 Rock and Mineral Resources Syllabus Notes  
Earth SC-492: Crustal Movements (Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics)
Syllabus and Notes     Structural Geology Methods Manual   
Earth SC-492 Special Topics in Earth Science: Crustal Materials
(Mineralogy - Petrology)
Syllabus    Notes  
Earth SC-492 Geologic Field Methods Syllabus and Notes      
Earth SC-492 Planetary Geology Syllabus and Notes    


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My Web Philosophy

We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare. Now, thanks to the Internet, we know thit is not true. (Robert Wilensky)

Because according to the internet, Ron Paul will be President and Serenity is the best movie evah (Fizzyland)

  • It's not so much surfing as Dumpster-Diving. I used to wonder how bad it could be if we just let anybody publish their ideas. Now I know. Real bad.
  • I like computers. I am awed by them. I am delighted by what they can do. But I don't trust them! Electronic storage is ephemeral and fragile. Not all of that is bad. The useful half-life of most information is a few years. But I do not assume I will always have a Web to access or even floppy disks to read. If I find some useful information, I download it. If it's really important, I may even make a hard copy. If a national emergency breaks down our telecommunications, the Web is history. If a rogue nation or terrorist sets off a nuclear weapon 100 miles above the U.S., most P.C.'s are history (check out something called EMP). I still have a slide rule.
  • graphics? GRAPHICS? WE DON' NEED NO STINKING GRAPHICS! Too many Web pages are cluttered with useless graphics (eye candy). See this campus's web page for a case in point. See how long it takes you to figure out what classes we offer, where, and when. In case you're not aware of it, data storage and transmission capacity are finite resources. Given the spatial nature of geology and some of my avocational interests like geometry and polyhedra, I have a lot of graphics, but I try to keep them to the necessary minimum in number and simplicity. Drawings are mostly 16-color, with no sound or unnecessary animation, to keep download time short and keep material accessible to users with low-end systems. Photos are standard JPEG format, 24-bit color.
  • Chunky, not creamy. I figure if you're looking for information you want to get it, so my pages tend to be on the long side, rather than broken into short segments connected by links. It may take longer to download the page, but once you do, everything is there. Nothing is more infuriating to me than to burrow six levels deep into a site only to find out that what I need isn't there.
  • Links. I know where my own stuff is. I have enough to do keeping track of my own pages without worrying if somebody else paid his Compuserve bill. I have had enough experiences chasing from one site to another, only to reach a dead end or have a crash, to conclude that links to remote sites are often useless. If I use them, they will go as directly as possible to the item of interest. Unless it's a stable site, like a government agency, I won't link to it. (Even some agency sites have shut down, and sites are being reorganized all the time.) In most cases, if I am aware of sites of interest, I will mention them so you can look them up with a search engine. For this reason, I don't cross-link.


I occasionally get requests from people who want to use material from this site but who want a formal citation. In general, works that are integral to the page are cited. If there is no citation on the page, it's for one of two principal reasons:

  • The content is my original work but not published in a journal. There is no other reference.
  • The content is covered in many sources (for example the pages on stereonet constructions or structural geology methods) and any of those standard works are suitable citations.

Click here to reach me by e-mail Especially let me know if you have any problems with my pages or links, or any constructive suggestions. Note: since retirement, I check e-mail intermittently.

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