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In organizing the list here, I have followed the following principles:

Where do I find this stuff? Public libraries almost never will have any of these references. Most colleges and universities that have a geology program will carry Geology and other common publications. For the more obscure publications you may have to try a very large university or resort to inter-library loan, or in extreme cases write to the authors or publishers. Welcome to my world.

Unless meteoritic fragments heve been found at a site, almost every large impact site has been claimed to be of terrestrial rather than extraterrestrial origin. Even meteorites aren't always enough; for years some geologists argued that Meteor Crater was a volcanic crater and the meteorites nearby were just a coincidence. See the references for Upheaval Dome for both sides of an ongoing controversy. Some early references date from before the recognition of certain sites as impact craters, and though the geology may be described accurately, it may not always be interpreted in terms of impact.

No two lists of sites are exactly alike. Meteorite fragments are conclusive but found only at small, recent craters. Shock metamorphism, especially high-pressure minerals like diamond or coesite, and shatter cones are widely regarded as conclusive. Structural disturbance of the rocks, circularity, and so on are suggestive but not conclusive. Sites reported as impact sites in reputable current scientific literature are included, but some might be controversial and could eventually turn out not to be of impact origin (again, see Upheaval Dome). Older lists should be taken with a grain of salt since they were compiled when our understanding of impact was a lot less and can include sites no longer considered to be impact sites.

Foreign names are often rendered in different ways and a few entries have different spellings that may or may not refer to two different sites.

Ragozinka Russia
Lat. 58.30; Long: 62.00; Diam. (km): 9 Age (My): 55 +/- 5
Lagutenko, V. N.; Kazachikhin, V. A.; Kogan, Ye. M.; Sukhozhak, R. P. ; The Rogozinskiy Astrobleme in the Middle Urals; International Geology Review, v. 28n. 6, p. 647-650, 1986
Red Wing Creek North Dakota, USA
Lat. 47.60; Long: -103.55; Diam. (km): 9; Age (My): 200 +/- 25
Parson, Elmer S.; Henderson, Gordon W.; Conti, Louis J. ; Red Wing Creek Field; field; cosmic impact structure; American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Tulsa, OK, United States; AAPG Bulletin, v. 59n. 11 Part 1, , p. 2197, AAPG distinguished lecturers; 1975
Riachao Ring Maranhao, Brazil
Lat. -7.72; Long: -46.65; Diam. (km): 4.5; Age (My): 200 +/-
McHone, J. F.; Riachao Ring, Brazil; a possible meteorite crater discovered by the Apollo astronauts in : El-Baz, Farouk; Warner, D. M. (editors), Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, summary science report; Volume II, Earth observations and photography, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Special Publication, n. SP-412, p. 193-202
Ries Bavaria, Germany
Lat. 48.88; Long: 10.62; Diam. (km): 24; Age (My): 14.8 +/- 1
E. M. Shoemaker and E. C. T. Chao, 1961; New evidence for the impact origin of the Ries Basin, Bavaria, Germany, JGR v. 66, p. 3371-3378.
Horn, Peter ; The Ries Kessel, Germany; An Example of Meteorite Impact as a Terrestrial Geological Process; Geoforum, v. 12, p. 91-95; 1972
Dennis, John G. ; Ries structure, southern Germany, a review; Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 76n. 23, p. 5394-5406; 1971
Rio Cuarto Argentina
Lat. -30.87; Long: -64.23; Diam. (km): 4.5; Age (My): 0.1 +/-
Schultz, Peter H.; Koeberl, Christian; Bunch, Theodore; Grant, John; Collins, William; Ground truth for oblique impact processes; new insight from the Rio Cuarto, Argentina, crater field, Geology (Boulder), v. 22n. 10, p. 889-892, 1994
Rochechouart France
Lat. 45.83; Long: 0.93; Diam. (km): 23 Age (My): 186 +/- 8
Kraut, Francois; French, Bevan M. ; The Rochechouart meteorite impact structure, France; preliminary geological results; Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 76n. 23, p. 5407-5413; 1971
Kraut, Francois; French, Bevan M. ; The Rochechouart impact structure, France; Meteoritics, v. 5n. 4, p. 206-207; 1970
Roter Kamm Namibia
Lat. -27.77; Long: 16.30; Diam. (km): 2.5; Age (My): 5 +/- 0.3
Brandt, Dion; Reimold, Wolf Uwe; Franzsen, Alan J.; Koeberl, Christian; Wendorff, Lutz ; Geophysical profile of the Roter Kamm impact crater, Namibia; Meteoritics & Planetary Science, v. 33n. 3, p. 447-453; 1998
Fudali, R. F. ; Roter Kamm; evidence for an impact origin; Meteoritics, v. 8n. 3, p. 245-257; 1973
Rotmistrovka Ukraine
Lat. 49.00; Long: 32.00; Diam. (km): 2.7; Age (My): 140 +/- 20
Raykhlin, A. I.; Geologiya astroblem SSSR; Mezozoyskiye astroblemy; Rotmistrovskaya astroblema (The geology of astroblemes in the USSR; Mesozoic astroblemes; the Rotmistrovskaya astrobleme) in: Masaytis, V. L.; Danilin, A. N.; Mashchak, M. S.; Raykhlin, A. I.; Selivanovskaya, T. V.; Shadenkov, Ye. M. (editors), Geologiya astroblem (The geology of astroblemes), Izdatel'stvo Nedra, Leningrad, USSR p. 76-78, 1980
Saaksjarvi Finland
Lat. 61.40; Long: 22.40; Diam. (km): 5 Age (My): 514 +/- 12
Kinnunen, Kari A.; Lindqvist, Kristian; Agate as an indicator of impact structures; an example from Saaksjarvi, Finland, Meteoritics & Planetary Science, v. 33n. 1, p. 7-12, 1998
Elo, S.; Kivekas, L.; Kujala, H.; Lahti, S. I.; Pihlaja, P.; Recent studies of the Lake Saaksjarvi meteorite impact crater, southwestern Finland in: Pesonen, L. J.; Henkel, H. (editors), Terrestrial impact craters and craterform structures with a special focus on Fennoscandia, Tectonophysics, v. 216n. 1-2, p. 163-167
Mueller, Norbert; Hartung, Jack B.; Jessberger, Elmar K.; Reimold, Wolf Uwe; Ar- 40 Ar-39 ages of Dellen, Janisjarvi, and Saaksjarvi impact craters; Meteoritics, v. 25n. 1, p. 1-10, 1990
Saint Martin Manitoba, Canada
Lat. 51.78; Long: -98.53 Diam. (km): 40; Age (My): 220 +/- 32
Coles, R. L.; Clark, J. F. ; Lake St. Martin impact structure, Manitoba, Canada; magnetic anomalies and magnetizations; Journal of Geophysical Research. B, v. 87n. 8, p. 7087-7095, 1982
Serpent Mound Ohio, USA
Lat. 39.03; Long: -83.40; Diam. (km): 6.4; Age (My): 320 +/-
Carlton, Richard W.; Koeberl, Christian; Baranoski, Mark T.; Schumacher, Gregory A.; Discovery of microscopic evidence for shock metamorphism at the Serpent Mound structure, south-central Ohio; confirmation of an origin by impact, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 162n. 1-4, p. 177-185, 1998
Koucky, Frank L.; Reidel, Stephen P.; The Serpent Mound disturbance, south-central Ohio, in: Biggs, Donald L. (editor), North-central section of the Geological Society of America, Centennial field guide, v. 3, p. 431-436, 1987
Serra Da Cangalha Brazil
Lat. -8.08; Long: -46.87; Diam. (km): 12 Age (My): 300 +/-
Shunak Kazakhstan
Lat. 47.20; Long: 72.70; Diam. (km): 3.1 Age (My): 12 +/- 5
Khryanina, L. P.; Zeylik, B. S.; Geologicheskoye stroyeniye kratera Shunak (Pribalkhash'ye) i priznaki meteoritnogo udara v nem (Geological structure of the Shunak Crater and evidence of meteorite impact), Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Moscow, USSR, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR. Seriya Geologicheskaya, v. 1980n. 3, p. 124-134, 1980
Fel'dman, V. I.; Granovskiy, L. B.; Dabizha, A. I.; Meteoritnyy krater Shunak (The Shunak meteorite crater), in: Marakusheva, A. A. (editor), Impaktity (Impactites), Izdatel'stvo Moskovskoi Universiteta, Moscow, USSR, p. 56-69, 1981
Vasil'yev, I. V.; Klyushkin, V. V.; Panova, L. A.; Tolstikova, N. V.; Novyye dannyye po stratigrafii miotsena kol'tsevoy morfostruktury massiva Shunak (Tsentral'nyy Kazakhstan) (New data on the Miocene stratigraphy of the ring morphostructure of the Shunak Massif; central Kazakhstan), Izdatel'stvo Nedra, Moscow, USSR, Sovetskaya Geologiya, v. 9, p. 68-73, 1980
Fel'dman, V. I.; Dabizha, A. I.; Granovskiy, L. B.; Meteoritnyy krater Shunak (The Shunak meteor crater), Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Moscow, USSR, Meteoritika, n. 38, p. 99-103, 1979
Sierra Madera Texas, USA
Lat. 30.60; Long: -102.92 Diam. (km): 13; Age (My): 100 +/-
Howard, Keith A.; Offield, Terry W.; Wilshire, H. G. ; Structure of Sierra Madera, Texas, as a Guide to Central Peaks of Lunar Craters; Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 83n. 9, p. 2795-2808; 1972
Wilshire, H. G., Offield, T. W., Howard, K. A. and Cummings, D., 1972; Geology of the Sierra Madera cryptoexplosion structure, Pecos County, Texas, USGS PP 599-H, p. H1-42.
Sikhote AlinRussia
Lat. 46.12; Long: 134.67; Diam. (km):0.027; Age (My): 0 +/-
Siljan Sweden
Lat. 61.03; Long: 14.87; Diam. (km): 55; Age (My): 368 +/- 1.1
Collini, B. ; Geological setting of the Siljan Ring structure in: Boden, Anders; Eriksson, K. Goesta (editors); Deep drilling in crystalline bedrock; Volume 1, The deep gas drilling in the Siljan impact structure, Sweden and astroblemes, proceedings of the international symposium, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Federal Republic of Germany; v. 1, p. 349-354, 1988
Silverpit North Sea
Stewart, S.A. and Allen P.J.  (2002) A 20-km-diameter multi-ringed impact structure in the North Sea. Nature 418, 520-525
Slate Islands Ontario, Canada
Lat. 48.67; Long: -87.00 Diam. (km): 30; Age (My): 350 +/-
Halls, H. C.; Grieve, R. A. F. ; The Slate Islands; a probable complex meteorite impact structure in Lake Superior; Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 13n. 9, p. 1301-1309; 1976
Sharpton, Virgil L.; Dressler, Burkhard O.; Herrick, Robert R.; Schnieders, Bernie; Scott, John; New constraints on the Slate Islands impact structure, Ontario, Canada; Geology (Boulder), v. 24n. 9, p. 851-854, 1996
Sobolev Russia
Lat. 46.30; Long: 138.87; Diam. (km):0.053; Age (My): 0 +/-
Soderfjarden Finland
Lat. 63.00; Long: 21.58; Diam. (km): 6; Age (My): 550 +/-
Lehtovaara, J. J.; Soderfjarden: a Cambrian impact crater in western Finland.; Tectonophysics., Volume 216, Number 1-2, p.157, December 30 1992 Lehtovaara, Jyrki J.; Soderfjarden; a Cambrian impact crater in western Finland, in: Pesonen, L. J.; Henkel, H. (editors), Terrestrial impact craters and craterform structures with a special focus on Fennoscandia, Tectonophysics, v. 216n. 1-2, p. 157-161, 1992
Lauren, L.; Lehtovaara, J.; Bostrom, R.; On the geology of the circular depression at Soderfjarden, western Finland, Geologian Tutkimuskeskus, Espoo, Finland, Bulletin - Geological Survey of Finland, n. 297, p. 5-38, 1978
Spider Western Australia, Australia
Lat. -16.73; Long: 126.08; Diam. (km): 13 Age (My): 570 +/-
Steen River Alberta, Canada
Lat. 59.52; Long: -117.62 Diam. (km): 25; Age (My): 95 +/- 7
Wilson, J.; Langenberg, Willem; Jeffries, Lynn; Grieve, Richard; Berkes, Zoltan; The Steen River structure, northwestern Alberta, in: Drury, Malcolm J. (editor), Scientific drilling; sedimentary basins; proceedings of a workshop, Carleton University, Dept. of Earth Sciences, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Canadian Continental Drilling Program Report, , p. 23-24, 1989 Carrigy, Maurice A.; Evidence of shock metamorphism in rocks from the Steen River structure, Alberta, in: Shock metamorphism of natural materials, 1st Conference, Greenbelt, Md., 1966, Proceedings, p. 367-374, 1968
Steinheim Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Lat. 48.67; Long: 10.07; Diam. (km): 3.8 Age (My): 14.8 +/- 0.7
Bahrig, B.; Mensink, H.; Mergelsberg, W.; Das Steinheimer Becken (Sueddeutschland); Erlaeuterungen zu einer geologischen Karte 1:10 000 (The Steinheim Basin, southern Germany; explanatory text for a geologic map), Institut fuer Geologie der Ruhr-Universitt Bochum, Bochum, Federal Republic of Germany, Bochumer Geologische und Geotechnicshe Arbeiten, v. 21, p. 1-31, 1986
Reiff, W.; The Steinheim Basin; an impact structure in: Roddy, D. J.; Pepin, R. O.; Merrill, R. B. (editors), Impact and explosion cratering; planetary and terrestrial implications; Proceedings of the Symposium on planetary cratering mechanics, Pergamon Press, p. 309-320
Strangways Northern Territory, Australia
Lat. -15.20; Long: 133.58; Diam. (km): 25; Age (My): 470 +/-
Guppy, D. J.; Brett, Robin; Milton, D. J. ; Liverpool and Strangways craters, Northern Territory; two structures of probable impact origin; Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 76n. 23, p. 5387-5393; 1971
Sudbury Ontario, Canada
Lat. 46.60; Long: -81.18; Diam. (km): 200; Age (My): 1850 +/- 3
Dietz, R. S., 1964; Sudbury structure as an astrobleme, Journal of Geology, v. 72, p. 412-434.
Tabun-Khara-Obo Mongolia
Lat. 44.10; Long: 109.60; Diam. (km): 1.3 Age (My): 3 +/-
Mashchak, M. S.; Osnovnyye cherty geologii nekotorykh astroblem zarubezhnykh stran; Kaynozoyskiye astroblemy i kratery; Krater Tabun-Khara-Obo (The principal features of the geology of some astroblemes in foreign countries; Cenozoic astroblemes and craters; the Tabun-Khara-Obo Crater) in: Masaytis, V. L.; Danilin, A. N.; Mashchak, M. S.; Raykhlin, A. I.; Selivanovskaya, T. V.; Shadenkov, Ye. M., Geologiya astroblem (The geology of astroblemes) Izdatel'stvo Nedra, Leningrad, USSR p. 185-186, 1980

Miura, Yasunori ; Complex formation of Takamatsu Crater by impact, in: Antarctic meteorites XXI; papers presented to the Twenty-first symposium on Antarctic meteorites, National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo, Japan; Papers Presented to the ... Symposium on Antarctic Meteorites, v. 21, p. 111-114, 1996
Talemzane Algeria
Lat. 33.32; Long: 4.03; Diam. (km): 1.75 Age (My): 3 +/-
McHone, John F.; Greeley, Ronald ; Talemzane; Algerian impact crater detected on SIR-A orbital imaging radar; Meteoritics, v. 22n. 3, p. 253-264, 1987
Teague Western Australia, Australia
Lat. -25.87; Long: 120.88; Diam. (km): 30 Age (My): 1685 +/- 5
Butler, Hadyn ; The Lake Teague ring structure, Western Australia: an astrobleme?; Australian and New Zealand Association for the Advancement of Science (ANZAAS), Sydney, N.S.W., Australia; Search (Sydney), v. 5n. 10, p. 536; 1974
Tenoumer Mauritania
Lat. 22.92; Long: -10.40; Diam. (km): 1.9; Age (My): 2.5 +/- 0.5
Fudali, R. F. ; Genesis of the Melt Rocks at Tenoumer Crater, Mauritania; Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 79n. 14, p. 2115-2121; 1974
Ternovka Ukraine
Lat. 48.02; Long: 33.08; Diam. (km): 12; Age (My): 280 +/- 10
Bal'ter, A. A.; Udarnyye deformatsii tal'ka (Ternovskaya astroblema, Krivoy Rog, Ukraina) (Shock deformation of talc; Ternovka Astrobleme, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine), Akademiya Nauk Ukrainy, Kiev, Ukraine, Mineralogicheskiy Zhurnal, v. 14n. 6, p. 75-87, 1992 Mashchak, M. S.; Orlova, Zh. V.; Perekristallizovannyy diaplektovyy kvarts iz Ternovskoy astroblemy (Recrystallized diaplectic quartz from the Ternovka Astrobleme), Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Moscow, USSR, Meteoritika, v. 44, p. 164-167, 1985
Val'ter, A. A.; Ryabenko, V. A.; Ternovskaya astroblema; Krivoy Rog (Ternovskaya Astrobleme; Krivoy Rog) in Ryabenko, V. A. (editor), Geologiya i petrologiya vzryvnykh meteoritnykh kraterov (The geology and petrology of meteorite craters) Izd. Nauk. Dumka, Kiev, USSR, p. 193-202
Tin Bider Algeria
Lat. 27.60; Long: 5.12; Diam. (km): 6; Age (My): 70 +/-
Toms Canyon Offshore New Jersey, USA
Poag, C. Wylie; Poppe, Lawrence J. ; The Toms Canyon structure, New Jersey outer continental shelf; a possible late Eocene impact crater; Marine Geology, v. 145n. 1-2, p. 23-60; 1998
Tookoonooka Queensland, Australia
Lat. -27.00; Long: 143.00; Diam. (km): 55; Age (My): 128 +/- 5
Gostin, V. A.; Therriault, A. M; Tookoonooka, a large buried Early Cretaceous impact structure in the Eromanga Basin of southwestern Queensland, Australia, Meteoritics & Planetary Science, v. 32n. 4, p. 593-599, 1997
Tunguska Russia
Diam. (km): air burst - no crater; Age (My): 0
Chaikin, Andrew ; TARGET; Tunguska; Sky and Telescope, v. 67n. 1, p. 18-21, 1984
Tvaren Sweden
Lat. 58.77; Long: 17.42; Diam. (km): 2; Age (My): 450 +/-
Lindstrom, M.; Floden, T.; Grahn, T.; Kathol, B. ; Post-impact deposits in Tvaren, a marine Middle Ordovician crater south of Stockholm, Sweden; Geological Magazine, v. 131n. 1, p. 91-103, 1994
Upheaval Dome Utah, USA
Lat. 38.43; Long: -109.90 Diam. (km): 5; Age (My): 65 +/-
Jackson, M. P. A.; Schultz-Ela, D. D.; Hudec, M. R.; Watson, I. A.; Porter, M. L.; Structure and evolution of Upheaval Dome; a pinched-off salt diapir, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 110n. 12, p. 1547-1573, 1998 Shoemaker, Eugene M.; Herkenhoff, K. E.; Impact origin of Upheaval Dome, Utah in: Holt, Henry E. (compiler), Reports of Planetary Geology Program; 1983, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA),Technical Memorandum, v. 86246, p. 93, 1984
Ust-Kara Russia
Lat. 69.30; Long: 65.30; Diam. (km): 25; Age (My): 73 +/- 3
Koeberl, Christian; Sharpton, Virgil L.; Harrison, T. Mark; Sandwell, David; Murali, A. V.; Burke, Kevin ; The Kara/Ust-Kara twin impact structure; a large-scale impact event in the Late Cretaceous in: Sharpton, Virgil L.; Ward, Peter D. (editors); Global catastrophes in Earth history; an interdisciplinary conference on impacts, volcanism, and mass mortality, Geological Society of America Special Paper 247, p. 233-238, 1990
Koeberl, Christian; Sharpton, Virgil L.; Murali, A. V.; Burke, Kevin ; Kara and Ust-Kara impact structures (USSR) and their relevance to the K/T boundary event; Geology (Boulder), v. 18n. 1, p. 50-53, 1990
Vargeao Dome Argentina
Lat. -26.83; Long: -52.12; Diam. (km): 12; Age (My): 70 +/-
Veevers Western Australia, Australia
Lat. -22.97; Long: 125.37; Diam. (km): 0.08; Age (My): 1 +/-
Yeates, A. N.; Crowe, R. W. A.; Towner, R. R. ; The Veevers Crater; a possible meteoritic feature; Australian Geological Survey Organization, Canberra, A.C.T., Australia; BMR Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics, v. 1n. 1, p 77-78; 1976
Vepriaj Lithuania
Lat. 55.10; Long: 24.60; Diam. (km): 8; Age (My): 160 +/- 30
Butkovskiy, Yu. M.; Buchanova, S. V.; Kozhemyakina, I. A.; Vepryayskaya astroblema (Vepryay Astrobleme), Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR. Seriya Geologicheskaya, v. 1983 n. 6, p. 120-125, 1983
Masaytis, V. L.; Geologiya astroblem SSSR; Mezozoyskiye astroblemy; Vyapryayskaya astroblema (The geology of astroblemes in the USSR; Mesozoic astroblemes; the Vyapryayskaya Astrobleme) in: Masaytis, V. L.; Danilin, A. N.; Mashchak, M. S.; Raykhlin, A. I.; Selivanovskaya, T. V.; Shadenkov, Ye. M. (editors), Geologiya astroblem (The geology of astroblemes), Izdatel'stvo Nedra, Leningrad, USSR, p. 69-72, 1980
Vredefort South Africa
Lat. -27.00; Long: 27.50; Diam. (km): 140; Age (My): 1970 +/- 100
R. A. Daly, 1947; The Vredefort ring-structure of South Africa, Journal of Geology, v. 55, p. 125-145.
R. S. Dietz, 1961; Vredefort Ring Structure: meteorite impact scar? Journal of Geology, v. 69, p. 499-516.
Gay, N. C. ; Spherules on shatter cone surfaces from the Vredefort Structure, southern, Africa; Science, v. 194n. 4266, p. 724-725; 1976
Wabar Saudi Arabia
Lat. 21.50; Long: 50.47; Diam. (km):0.097 Age (My): 0.01 +/-
E. C. T. Chao, J. J. Fahey, and J. Littler, 1961; Coesite from Wabar Crater near Al-Hadida, Saudi Arabia, Science, v. 133, p. 882-883
Jeffrey C. Winn and E. M. Shoemaher, 1998; The day the sands caught fire, Scientific American, v. 279, no. 5, p. 65-71.
Wanapitei Lake Ontario, Canada
Lat. 46.75; Long: -80.75; Diam. (km): 7.5; Age (My): 37 +/- 2
Dence, M. R.; Robertson, P. B.; Wirthlin, R. L. ; Coesite from the Lake Wanapitei Crater, Ontario; Earth and Planetary Science Letters, v. 22n. 2, p. 118-122; 1974
Wells Creek Tennessee, USA
Lat. 36.38; Long: -87.67 Diam. (km): 14; Age (My): 200 +/- 100
Stearns, Richard G.; Wilson, Charles W., Jr.; Tiedemann, Herbert A.; Wilcox, John T.; Marsh, Phyllis S.; The Wells Creek structure, Tennessee, in: French, Bevan; Short, Nicholas M. (editors); Shock metamorphism of natural materials; p. 323-337; 1968
West Hawk Lake Manitoba, Canada
Lat. 49.77; Long: -95.18; Diam. (km): 3.15; Age (My): 100 +/- 50
Short, N. M., 1970; Anatomy of a meteor impact crater, West Hawk Lake, Manitoba, Canada, GSAB v. 81, p. 609-648.
Wolf Creek Western Australia, Australia
Lat. -19.30; Long: 127.77; Diam. (km):0.875; Age (My): 0.3 +/-
Fudali, R. F. ; Wolf Creek Crater revisited; Journal of Geology, v. 95n. 1, p. 134-135, 1987
McCall, Gerald; Joseph Home; Possible meteorite craters; Wolf Creek, Australia and analogs, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, v. 123, p. 970-998, 1965
Zapadnaya Ukraine
Lat. 49.73; Long: 29.00; Diam. (km): 4; Age (My): 115 +/- 10
Zeleny Gai Ukraine
Lat. 48.70; Long: 32.90; Diam. (km): 2.5; Age (My): 120 +/- 20
Val'ter, A. A.; Bryanskiy, V. P.; Ryabenko, V. A.; Lazarenko, Ye. Ye.; Explosive (meteoritic) origin of the Zelenyy Gay structure on the Ukrainian Shield, Transactions (Doklady) of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences: Earth Science Sections, v. 229n. 1-6, p. 34-36, 1976
Zhamanshin Kazakhstan
Lat. 48.40; Long: 60.97; Diam. (km): 13.5; Age (My): 0.9 +/- 0.1
Izokh, E. P.; Zhamanshin impact crater and tektite problem.; Soviet geology and geophysics., Volume 32, Number 4, p.1-10 1991
Glazovskaya, L. I.; Golubkov, V. V. ; Tektites and impact glasses of the Zhamanshin Crater; structure peculiarities in connection with genesis problems, in: Third international conference on Natural glasses; Chemie der Erde, v. 56 n. 4, p. 477-480, 1996
Garvin, J. B.; Schnetzler, C. C. ; The Zhamanshin impact feature; a new class of complex crater? in: Dressler, B. O.; Grieve, R. A. F.; Sharpton, V. L. (editors); Large meteorite impacts and planetary evolution, Geological Society of America Special Paper 293, p. 249-257, 1994

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