Enneahedra with 10 vertices: 33333 4 555

Steven Dutch, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

There are 64 of these. Each row shows the three views using each of the three pentagons as a base. Additionally, there is one view with the sole quadrilateral as a base. That view shows the relationships of the three pentagons. It turns out that the view with the quadrilateral as base displays the distinct topology of the polyhedron, and the relationship of the pentagons, best.

General Notes on Polyhedron Enumeration

All these polyhedra have a pair of pentagons joined at a single vertex. The vertex is also shared with the quadrilateral face.

The following polyhedra also have a pair of pentagons joined at a single vertex, but the vertex is shared only with triangles. The polyhedra below enclose a single face within the three pentagons.

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