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Professional Program inEducation

Electronic Fingerprinting Requirement

Effective August 1, 2013, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) will begin collecting fingerprints electronically through the state-approved vendor, Fieldprint. The DPI will no longer be sending out paper fingerprint cards, except to applicants who currently live outside of the United States.

Applicants who meet any of the following requirements are required to submit fingerprints:

Applicants who have worked, resided, or physically attended classes in any of the locations listed below within the last twenty years (after age 17):

  • U.S. states other than Wisconsin
  • Listed U.S. territories (American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands, or Virgin Islands)
  • Canada
  • Great Britain (England, Scotland, or Wales)
  • Applicants, who since their most recent submission of fingerprints to DPI have worked, resided, or physically attended classes in any locations listed above.
  • Applicants who provide an address on their application that is in any of the locations listed above.

The DPI may require other applicants to submit fingerprints during the course of a background investigation.

Applicants required to submit fingerprints can find General Steps to the process on the DPI website:

Applicants must schedule an appointment with Fieldprint (, no walk ins are allowed. You will be asked your appointment number when you arrive, be sure to make a note of it. You will also be asked to provide two forms of ID, one of which must be a valid, government-issued photo ID. A list of accepted documents is provided on the DPI website (

Failure to submit fingerprints as required and/or failure to submit complete information will result in a delay in processing your application and may result in a denial of your application.