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Benefits from the Certificate in Emergency Management, Planning and Administration:

• Preparedness

Since disasters can happen in our homes, offices and living habitats, people need to be educated on safety measures to embrace them. Having knowledge of safety measures, tools and resources in case of disaster should be a first priority. Being prepared helps save time and allows for quick action in response to an emergency, helps reduce panic and chaos, and helps minimize damage. Planning in advance is a strategic measure that ca be taken to protect people and property against adverse effects of a calamity. Recovering from a brutal disaster may take months or even years, but having records of loss and other resources can help counter its effects and costs.

• World-class University

Earn your Certificate from a world-class university. Learn not only from great instructors, but increase and develop a higher level of critical thinking skills, strengthen your ability to analyze and synthesize information, and gain an in depth understanding of the cycle of Emergency Management- mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.

• Recognition

UW-Green Bay's Emergency Management Certificate program is the only certificate program in Wisconsin that yields university undergraduate or graduate college credit. These courses will be valuable to professionals in every field.

• Promotion

There is a universal effort towards professionalizing the field of Emergency Management. This translates into more jobs in the future requiring advanced knowledge and critical thinking skills, and academic qualification.

• Opportunities

As the Emergency Management field becomes more professionalized, those persons with the most advanced knowledge and skill will have additional opportunities for advancement as newly created positions evolve.



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