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Course Descriptions

Only five courses are required for the Certificate.

The courses are offered on a rotating basis, so you can complete the Certificate in 2 years.

Each course is three credits: graduate or undergraduate credit.


• 335/535 Principles and Practices of Emergency Management
- Fall 2016 and 2018

The overall objective of the course is to examine the theories, principles, and practices of emergency management. The philosophy of comprehensive Emergency Management will be discussed with the four attendant steps, which include mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. In addition, legal issues involving state and federal law affecting emergency operations will be studied.


• 336/536 Strategic Emergency Preparedness, Planning, and Implementation
- Spring 2017 and 2019

This course introduces to the student the concepts of strategic planning as applied to emergency preparedness. It is intended to make the student familiar with strategic planning, budgeting, implementation , and to provide the student with tools and techniques they can use in developing and implementing emergency preparedness programs.

This course is being offered as a HYBRID class:
meeting both on campus and online.
Spring 2017 Classroom Meeting dates are:
February 17-18,
April 7-8.
Friday nights 5:30PM-10:00PM;
Saturdays 8:00AM-5:00PM;
Registration is now closed for the Spring 2017 class.


• 337/537 Principles and Practice of Disaster Response Operations and Management
- Summer 2017 and 2019

The purpose of this course is to uncover the principles that promote effective disaster response operations in emergency management. Examine the roles and responsibilities of the players in a crisis event. Various problems associated with response operations will be identified such as: inadequate preparedness measurers, safety and site security, politics, communications, coordination and record keeping.

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• 338/538 Disaster Recovery
- Fall 2017 and 2019

Examine disaster recovery in isolation from and in relation to the preparedness, response and mitigation phases of comprehensive emergency management. Explore the short and long term effects of disasters, as well as, the process of putting families, businesses and communities back together. The class will also identify the importance of reconstruction, relocation, and regulations in reducing future disaster vulnerability.


•339/559 Political and Policy Dimensions of Emergency Management
- Spring 2018 and 2020

This course focuses on political processes and phenomena associated with mitigating the likely effects of extreme events, responding to them, and recovering from them. The course is intended to help emergency managers develop an understanding of local, state, federal, and intergovernmental politics affecting and affected by extreme events.



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