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Paul Tower

Paul Tower
President and CEO of Applied Filter Technology, in Snohomish, Washington

Paul Tower is the recipient of UW-Green Bay's first Alumni Earth Caretaker Award. Tower graduated from UW-Green Bay in 1978 with a Master's Degree in Environmental Arts and Sciences and an emphasis in process engineering. Tower has focused his career on improving the environment with technology. He is President and CEO of Applied Filter Technology (AFT), in Snohomish, Wash., a firm that designs, builds, and operates waste gas recovery processes for use in energy production. His company provides the technology to create biogas energy from green wastes, such as lumber byproducts and landscaping trimmings. For the city of Madison, for example, technology created by AFT helps the Wisconsin Waste Water Treatment Plant process waste by a methane digester to produce electricity and heat used for plant operations. AFT has 167 operational sites in North America and 300 internationally.

Education: M.S. Environmental Science and Policy, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay