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Paul Wozniak

Paul Wozniak
Environmental Historian and Environmental Educator

Paul Wozniak is an environmental historian, a statistical analyst and an environmental educator. He helped write the book on Earth Day — collaborating on Beyond Earth Day: Fulfilling the Promise with U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson and former UW-Green Bay instructor Susan Campbell. Wozniak works as a senior consultant with Navigant Consulting of Chicago. His work involves the evaluation of programs attempting to influence energy behaviors through advanced communications systems. He is currently advising three of the nation's largest electric utilities. Wozniak volunteers as a historian for the Wisconsin Conservation Hall of Fame and he worked as an associate to help launch UW-Green Bay's Environmental Management Business Institute. He also serves as a research director for the Fox/Wolf Rivers Environmental History Project.

Education: M.S. Environmental Science and Policy, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay