I most often create large-scale, site-specific, participatory installations. All these works share an interest in the way human beings negotiate their relation to the world, especially at the intersections of the individual and collective; private and public space; and the past, present, and future. There are three main series in which I explore these ideas. In 1984 I began Mneme, which explored memory—personal and cultural, physiological and narrative—using themes like television, maps, and education. More recently, in Surveying Desire, I have been investigating loneliness and the search for companionship as both individual longing and cultural force. These pieces couple methodologies or approaches to knowledge (e.g., dissection, environmental psychology, alchemy) and found texts relating to romance (personal ads, horoscopes, fortunes, romance novels). This juxtaposition of the rational and emotive disputes the popular notion that they are mutually exclusive and endeavors instead to reflect their interwoven nature. These same concerns underlie a recent collaboration with an ecologist, Terra Firma I: Distance Decay, that involves mapping, traversing the landscape, and systems of re-presenting data and experience through both art and science.

Carol Emmons

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