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About The Project

The purpose of a new Web site, titled "Toward Environmental Sustainability: Perspectives from International Case Studies and Experiences," is to provide a means for academicians and professionals from selected countries throughout the world to exchange ideas, experiences, and discuss projects related to the theme of environmental sustainability. In addition to exchanging information on this subject, an important underlying goal is to build a multigenerational network of people from around the world with common interests in sustainability. It is anticipated that the development of such a network will create possibilities for a broader range of professional activities, such as joint research projects and international visitations and seminars. The motivation for this Web site initiative is based upon the belief that the an essential way forward in a world facing very serious environmental problems is to work together across political, national, and cultural boundaries to identify basic changes that will make a difference. It is also based upon an awareness of the need to build a network where the experiences and knowledge of older professionals can be passed on to younger persons.

More specifically, the two-fold purpose of this Web site is to build an informational resource and to facilitate communication among interested professionals throughout the world on the subject of environmental sustainability.  Registered members have the opportunity to communicate with others through our listserv and to forward material for posting on our Website.  We will provide minor editorial oversight of material submitted for inclusion on the Web site and then post it in an appropriate format.  We invite you to participate in our project by subscribing to our listserv.    

We also welcome your comments and suggestions for improving the Web site or facilitating communication among the subscribers to our listserv.  Please send your suggestions or comments to